Federico Mengozzi

Federico Mengozzi's work experience

Here you can find my CV.

I’m also developing applications at home, to ease the pain of repetitive tasks and help myself (and others) to work/live more efficiently. It’s also a good opportunity to keep myself challenged and keep my officially unused technical knowledge fresh. See the list of my Projects for more information.

The Future

Research in Distributed System and Blockchain

Location: Davis, California
20182019 (~7 months)
Role: Undergraduate researcher
Main technologies: Blockchain, Distributed Systems

BSc degree in Computer Science

Location: Davis, California
2018 current
Role: Undergraduate exchange student
Main technologies: Computer Science


Innopolis University

Location: Innopolis, Russia
2018 (~2 months)
Role: Research software engineer intern
Main technologies: .NET, C#


Location: Paris, France
2017 (~3 days)
Role: Contestant
Main technologies: Competitive Programming

BSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering

Location: Cesena, Italy
2016 current
Role: Undergraduate student
Main technologies: Computer Science


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