Federico Mengozzi

– Load audio files using the command line

TomTom Spark on Linux

I use a TomTom Spark 3 to track my sport activities and I love it. The only problem Read More ›

Networking – Tunneling through SSH

SSH Local Forwarding

Earlier todays I was configuring rclone on my raspberry Read More ›

Thoughts – What do we know of the structure of reality?

The Standard Model

As human beings, interested in understanding the world around us, we should at least keep up with the current understating of reality. Read More ›

Thoughts – The morality of scientific progress

Richard Feynman on the value of science

It was August 6th and 9th 1945 when the world completely changed. Read More ›

Thoughts – Website, podcast, lectures

Interesting resources

A collection of the most interesting resources I've come across Read More ›

System Design – What's powering every search engine?

Designing an efficient webcrawler

Architecture and implementation
Terminology Web crawlers generally start from a seed web page and can collect data form many more pages by following all outgoing links Read More ›

Linux – How to use cgroups

Limit process memory usage on Linux

Prevent processes to eat up all your ram
Control groups allow to limit the resources usage of a collection of processes. Read More ›

Paper review – Distributed databases

Scalable Byzantine Consensus via Hardware-assisted Secrete Sharing

Fastest and most scalable BFT protocol
Scalable Byzantine Consensus via Hardware-assisted Secrete SharingThe author of this paper described FastBFT a new BFT protocols, highly scalable that achieve better performances than any other BFT protocols. The protocol was designed by studying the weakness of other popular protocols Read More ›

Linux – systemd, at, cron

Linux Commands

Exploring new linux commands
The following content was create on Manjaro Linuxsystemd Read More ›

Puzzle – Different solution for the problem

Two Sum

Find two elements that sum to a given value
The two sum problem require us to find two elements in an arrays that sum to a given value. There are different approach to solve the problem depending on whether the arrays is sort or not Read More ›

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