I use a TomTom Spark 3 to track my sport activities and I love it. The only problem with that is that it’s a pretty old watch, TomTom discontinued the sport series so there is not so much support for it anymore.

I have the Cardio + Music version which allows to upload up ~4GB of audio to listen during my workouts. It’s great, in theory.

The truth is that I was never able to have the TomTom app upload the audio data to my watch. So, after spending some time trying to figure out the problem I found a solution.

The watch it’s just a usb! It’s only necessary to mount it

And put the audio files as well as the the .m3u8 playlist in the folder MySportsConnect/Music/

To do that I create a simple script that generates all the playlist. Let’s assume you have 3 folders podcast, music, lectures with audio inside each of them. You would just need to run the script at the same level of these folders. The script will create a masterplaylist.m3u8 at the top level and a .m3u8 playlist in each folder.

mp3info is require to extract the file duration


echo "#TTPLAYLIST" > $masterPL

for dir in *;
    if [ -d "$dir" ]; then
        name=$(echo $dir | sed -E 's/^(.)/\U\1/g')
        echo "#EXTM3U" > $plFile
        echo "#TTPLAYLIST_NAME:$name" >> $plFile
        for file in "$dir/"*.mp3;
        	echo "#EXTINF:"$(mp3info -p "%S" "$file")","${file/"$dir/"/}""
        	echo ${file/"$dir/"/};
        done >> $plFile

        echo "#NAME:$name" >> $masterPL
        echo "$plFile" >> $masterPL

Finally you can just copy everything over to MySportsConnect/Music/. Beware that the copying process might terminates rather quickly. In my case the umount process took a while, because the files were still syncing.