Below the configuration of Manjaro-i3 that I use on my Lenovo x1 Carbon. Shell configuration and other info at manjaro-dotfiles.


Edit the following line to automatically boot Manjaro without timeout

GRUB_DEFAULT=0          // set OS number 1 as the default
GRUB_TIMEOUT=0          // no timeout

Finally run sudo update-grub


Configure the driver for the touchpad in the following files. Install libinput (xf86-input-libinput) and edit its configuration file.

Section "InputClass"
        Identifier "libinput touchpad catchall"
        MatchIsTouchpad "on"
        MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"
        Driver "libinput"
        Option "NaturalScrolling" "true"
        Option "AccelSpeed" "0.7"
        Option "AccelProfile" "adaptive"
        Option "Tapping" "true"
        Option "TappingButtonMap" "lrm"

libinput should be preferred over synaptics (xf86-input-synaptics). If the configuration files /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ are being used, the directory /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ should not contains either libinput or synaptics (because they override the files in /usr/share/...). In addition, the file with the higher number has higher precedence over the others.

See man 5 xorg.conf


Install touchegg and its dependency or just use an AUR packages manager. I personally use yay

  • git clone (requires geis)
  • git clone (requires grail)
  • git clone (requires frame)
  • git clone

Create the touchegg configuration file

    <property name="composed_gestures_time">111</property>
  <application name="All">
    <gesture type="DRAG" fingers="1" direction="ALL">
      <action type="DRAG_AND_DROP">BUTTON=1</action>
    <gesture type="DRAG" fingers="3" direction="UP">
      <action type="MAXIMIZE_RESTORE_WINDOW"></action>
    <gesture type="DRAG" fingers="3" direction="DOWN">
      <action type="MINIMIZE_WINDOW"></action>
    <gesture type="DRAG" fingers="2" direction="ALL">
      <action type="SCROLL">SPEED=7:INVERTED=true</action>
    <gesture type="PINCH" fingers="2" direction="IN">
      <action type="SEND_KEYS">Control+minus</action>
    <gesture type="PINCH" fingers="2" direction="OUT">
      <action type="SEND_KEYS">Control+plus</action>
    <gesture type="TAP" fingers="3" direction="">
      <action type="MOUSE_CLICK">BUTTON=2</action>
    <gesture type="TAP" fingers="2" direction="">
      <action type="MOUSE_CLICK">BUTTON=3</action>
    <gesture type="TAP" fingers="1" direction="">
      <action type="MOUSE_CLICK">BUTTON=1</action>

Load touchegg with

touchegg &
[ -f ~/.xprofile ] && . ~/.xprofile


Here is the list of steps I came up with for making the audio works

  • sudo usermod -aG audio $(whoami)
  • sudo install_pulse just an alias for sudo pacman -Sy manjaro-pulse pa-applet pavucontrol
  • sudo pacman -S pavucontrol
  • sudo echo "options snd_hda_intel index=1" >> /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

Other information or tips for trouble shooting can be found on my repo